img_5109Bobby Jayne is a celebration of life for Barbara Jean, my grandmother, and for my premarital self.

Barbara was a strong, outspoken woman with aggravatingly stubborn ways. She was adamant about making sure she was available for every becking call from her loved ones. Her needs and happiness were never at the top of her list. She gossiped heavily about everyone around her to avoid putting the much needed attention on herself.

Eventually, she became irritated with her ways of living for everyone else, and silencing her voice, that she turned to alcohol to push through a normal day. I grew up watching her shove down her emotions with a bottle of Seagrams or Kamchatka, a.k.a., Come-catch-me. Intoxicated or not, she said many things, but lacked being vulnerable and talking about how she truly felt.

When I became an adult, I vowed to never be like her, but I had. I struggled with expressing myself verbally, and turned to sex to pacify all of my unmet needs. In many moments, it was fun but dangerous to have a roster for only booty-calls.

It was a challenging cycle to break. Gratefully, with a little maturity and time, I saw the value of my life. I became turned off by the idea of empty sex, and learned to see the beauty in articulating what I needed.

As a result of coming first in my life, I have better, more comfortable relationships with those around me. I connect with strangers faster, and I have the courage to ask the right questions, getting to the answers I need in order to have a more productive lifestyle. My relations with a man are no longer used for suppressing my emotions, but are an extension of the passion I’ve developed within. Focusing on the habits that challenge me to level up have shown me just how resilient and powerful I am – leaves me feeling a different kind of sexy.

Bobby Jayne is for you! To the woman who battles prioritizing herself; my hopes are that Bobby Jayne empower you to keep attention on yourself, without neglecting your obligation to others. Stay charged-up, healed, and confident. Build stronger connections with yourself and others. Through education, trial and error, and a dash of spontaneity, Bobby Jayne strives to develop authentically sexy women, like you!

Living in a time where many people are only talking about fucking, it is important to remember the benefits of making love, true love, which comes from doing the work within, first.