You are the Magic Potion; Sprinkle Some You

Remember and know how you win.

What does that mean for you?

Sometimes when I don’t get what I want, I become emotionally overwhelmed while trying to understand why I didn’t reap the results I expected. It takes me a few hours or even a week to come to terms with what is. In some cases, it’s taken me years.

To pull me through faster, I go through a series of steps that help me settle with my new reality. Part of this process may include crying, becoming angered, journaling my feelings, confessing the truth to myself, and taking some of the deepest breathes I’ll ever take in my life to calm my spirit. Eventually, I bring myself through.

This passing week I needed to come to grips with an unexpected reality. I wanted something from someone, and I didn’t receive it. I was excited and anxious about the possibility of positive results, and the complete opposite happened. Disappointment hovered over me like an umbrella, shielding me from seeing the upside of the matter. To move forward, I needed to remind myself that I was still winning, regardless of the results.

The main question that pulled me through was: What makes me better than this moment? What makes me win? What quality or qualities do I have that will bring me closer to those results I wanted, and ultimately success in that area? What qualities have I been blessed with that can pull me closer to what I’ve been working for? What are those qualities that stand out the most?

Sprinkle some of you and get what you want!

Confidence and security are the main driving factors, strong enough to connect me to the results I seek. All I need to do is focus on strengthening them and moving forward, keeping in mind that not all situations or people are meant for me to experience. On the contrary, not all experiences and people are for me.

Some shit just ain’t for me, and that’s the reality.

Focus on what you have versus what you don’t. This is the best time to have patience enough to wait for someone or something that values, appreciates, and supports those top qualities while you exercise them.

This way of thinking can be implemented into every aspect of your life. When you’re dating someone you enjoy, but the relationship doesn’t go as planned, or when you’re on the job, and your coworker is hounding you, or when you’re in the process of buying something and need to get closer to obtaining it, turn up those driving qualities. What is your advantage – that quality you have that others around you may not (or wish they had), or they have it, but you’ve learned to work it in a genuine capacity.

It’s using what you have to get what you want, but more so, strengthening the qualities of yourself that keep you blessed and always receiving knowledge and motivation that brings you closer to what you want.

You are the magic potion; sprinkle some you.


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