I Decided to Go

There’s a lane for each of us.
Sometimes, lanes cross paths like crisscrossing or like pulling up to a stop sign and taking turns to go. A road could be higher in different moments of a journey than the other and lower in the next phase. But the movement must continue. We may pull to the side to take in the scenery, assess where we are, or leave our mark, but eventually, we must get back on track. We must always go.

In 2013, I decided to go.
I slaved at my eight to five and couldn’t wait for the moment I could explore the next phase of my life. I didn’t know what that meant, but I did know I was ready. I wanted to be on the other side, and I made a plan to do just that. I left my job, sold my belongings, moved to San Diego, got married, had a baby, and then divorced, found love in myself, and then moved again.

Some stops are required.
We don’t know what the next lesson or phase will bring – but for the woman who is always on the go (whether slow or fast), be sure to check your surroundings and make sure other roadsters know you’re present, make a good friend or two, laugh at every stop, cry if you need to (or want), and let the decision to move forward be yours and yours only.

No outside source needs to dictate where you’re going or when you’ll get there. You decide to stop and go on your terms. You choose how much energy you will use for a day and what you will use it on.

And if you’ve been stuck at a stop for too long…
Call roadside assistance: a therapist sounds nice. Find out which part of yourself is holding you up, or if switching lanes is the better option.

The journey awaits, and it’s a must-see.


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