Creating New Life!

Creating a New Life

Life is evolving as we know it. Jobs are not the same. Employers are letting employees work with flexibility. Schools have embraced online learning. Small businesses are being developed and in some cases, thriving faster than usual. And people are actually getting more intimate with their families and vice versa.

Our current climate during the Coronavirus is shifting our world, increasing anxiety, fueling depression and forcing us to stay isolated. Still, there is beauty in this darkness.

I encourage you to use this time wisely. (That does not mean be productive and stay busy every single day.) Bobby Jayne is going to give you an assignment that will challenge you or help you transform your world. Stay ahead of the times and have more control and structure over your life (short term and long term).

Photo by Terricks Noah on Unsplash

Some years ago I read a blog that started putting me on the path of alignment. (If I find it, I will post it here.) It mentioned a Visualization of Your Future. Here’s how you do it:

Get in a quiet space. Close your eyes. Think about what you want your future to look like. Think about every single detail. What the flowers smell like. What you smell like (and why). The style of your hair (long or short, curly, or afro, or wavy). What your kids are wearing. The way your spouse touches you and how it makes you feel. What are you eating for breakfast, lunch or preparing for dinner? What does it taste like? Do you have a dog? What breed? Are they excited or lazy? Where are you going for “work”? Are you commuting to the city? Are you walking into your work office? Are you typing at the beach or on a hill? Are you reading all day? What’s the book about? What’s the weather like today? Are you in another country? Is it snowing? What are you wearing? Where are you going? Are you picking up the kiddos from school or is it the neighbors turn? Does someone have basketball practice? Will you be there? Are you having sex tonight? Is it role-play Wednesday? Are the sex toys hidden under your bed or in the closet? Are you sleeping alone or next to someone? What do they smell like? What sheets are you sleeping in? Do you want to wake up the next morning and do the same thing you did today? Imagine waking up in the morning a second time (Day 2) and contemplate if you want to live that life again (because results come from what we do every single day).

What do you want your schedule to look like?!

Plan out your day step-by-step exactly the way you want to experience it. Do NOTHING you don’t find enjoying (these things will naturally take place).  

The fun part of this assignment is that you have TOTAL CONTROL of your entire life and presence. There are no distractions, no people, no material things, no viruses in the way. Just you. You are making your future! You are curating the blueprint!

And, the best way you’re going to receive the most out of this exercise is to BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.


I know that naturally you will attempt to lie to yourself, filling your head with ideas of what your life “should” look like based on societal standards. Avoid lying to yourself, even on accident. Be truthful about what you REALLY want and how you EXACTLY want to show up for your life.

This exercise should take you 30 minutes to an hour. After you’re done, WRITE IT DOWN! Store it somewhere only you can see. And then ask yourself, what can I do to begin aligning myself with that of which I truly want? What small changes can I begin taking? What baby steps should I make?

I have even greater news; doing this exercise is the first step, and coming to terms with the fact that some shit is off balanced in your life, is the next.

But you will change all of it. You will get closer to you. Because only you can!

Ps. Don’t judge yourself. Accept where you are. Reflect on how you got there. Then begin the shift. Or don’t.

What future do you see for yourself?

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