INDULGE ME: I’m the Bad Guy

What if there are no “bad guys.” What if there are no evil people to fight or real reasons for war. 

Indulge me for a moment.

What if there are no enemies and everyone is here to just be. 

Men and women alike constantly complain through social media that there are people who dislike them. They have followers who stalk them to talk shit behind their backs. They have trolls who screenshot, copy and paste what they say for the thrill – to encourage negative feedback. 

Corporate bosses have all made us aware that we will have to work with people we don’t like, in order to reach a career goal. They’ve also complained of harassment. They’ve mentioned a coworker stealing their ideas and plans to use for their benefit. There are women who hate working with men because of misogyny and unbalanced pay. There are men who dislike working with women they can’t sleep with, or who aren’t masculine enough.

Religious followers are scared to go to church. They fear being judged all the time by the congregation. Rumors have traveled about them throughout the pues. Some have faced humiliation in front of hundreds of people because of secrets that just aren’t true (or are). The pastor refuses to know their name, pray with them individually, or address issues because there just isn’t enough time. 

Couples can’t get along and stay married. One hates the other. One despises the other. He is jealous and she is controlling. They have sex outside of the relationship to fill a void. The woman complains to her female friends, only to find out later they envy her position. The man neglects his house duties to retaliate against her. And, the kids are always watching. 

But, what if no one is truly against us. What if we are against ourselves…

We are always battling ourselves. Demons that live within us need attention. That negative energy needs somewhere to go. Not all of us have learned how to direct that energy properly. 

What if we directed it properly?

Question how the world would look if we truly, honestly focused on our inner demons – paying attention to all the negative parts, the broken parts, the flawed areas, the pieces that lack attention and love, and the qualities unnurtured. Spending our time healing from within – ensuring that our levels of compassion, respect, and communication are balanced.

That is not to say there will be no friction, hurt or confrontation. 

But we have heard time again that when we repair ourselves, we are better, we get aligned, everything around us improves – our environment changes, we connect to others more healthily.   

There is something more glorious to attain from healing, repairing and nurturing. 

Peace – by submitting to the better parts of ourselves.

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