Break Free {New Bobby Jayne}

‘Meditate. Pray. Laugh more. Take a deep breath. Be a boss. Get fit. Be sexy in everything you wear. Marry your best friend. Quit your day job. Change your life.’

We are flipping it!

At Bobby Jayne, we’ve decided to unfollow the pact and release some of the bullshit.

Looking through Instagram and the rest of social media, it’s easy to get lost in what others feel they want us to do. Loads of advice and opinions. It’s challenging to decide what’s best suited for us, since no one shoe fits all.


Meditate. Pray. Laugh more. Take a deep breath. Be a boss. Get fit. Be sexy in everything you wear. Marry your best friend. Quit your day job. Change your life.

It’s a whirling list of unnecessary pressure to be yourself – to do better. And let’s admit, Bobby Jayne hopped on that trendy ride a time or two.

But, our vision is different.

Every woman should have the ability to choose who they want to be, where they want to be, how they want to be, and set their own expectations and boundaries with little help from the outside world.

Social media is extremely valuable, and even necessary. Still, there is no reason to base life and goals off of what something or someone is selling.

Keep scrolling and tapping, and you will notice ten years from now it all looks the same. Reflect back ten years ago, and understand the main difference is design, layout, usability and perfected analytics.

Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

Followers are great, sure, but being able to find yourself outmatches that. 

We want to encourage every reader to be comfortable with the decisions they make over their lives. We want to give hope that stepping away, making your own damn decisions and doing you, is the goal. Be able to make solid choices and live with them. Be inspired to step away from the pact and enjoy doing your own thing. Be empowered to dig deep and pull out those original qualities. Once lost, but found again. We cater to women who are all about finding out what being themselves truly mean.

No more subconsciously stalking other women to feel the power that’s already within. Gladly looking inside and seeing where our power dwells and pulling from that source.

Who are the people we call friends and family? What career and goals have our attention? Does it all even matter?

Plenty of women have broken the cycle of trend and repetitiveness. Their lives 180’d as a result – bringing more passion and fulfillment in their worlds. All they needed was the push to break away – for someone to remind them that it’s ok.

As we grow, we invite you to do the same.

The journey to authenticity is not perfect. It is beautiful.

Let’s talk about building up authenticity within ourselves and how it trickles down in every category of our existence. Let’s talk about new ways to live that nurtures creativity and individuality. Let’s choose what works, and not feel obligated to do it all.


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