Craving Poison

Food is so damn delicious, there’s no denying.

Different textures like soft, gooey, mushy and crunchy, make it an exciting party for the palette. Well-seasoned or bold flavors keeps the cravings coming. And consumers always want more!

If you’ve never seen a traditional U.S. food pyramid, see below:


Americans have been forced to eat unhealthy for years.

I love a carb binge, but it is addicting. Science proves, that once you start your morning full of cards, you’re likely to eat more throughout the day. Eating carbs into the night. Not having enough time to burn them off, turns the carbs into sugar. More body fat!

Breaking tradition by eating healthier can be a difficult habit to undo, sometimes unbreakable.

Increasing consumption of fatty foods does not align with great health.

Craving old-school chow mein, I recently dined in one of my favorite greasy spots, Sipz Café (serving vegetarian fusion). I had no regrets sitting there, filling my mouth with the salty, sweet noodles, drenched in soy sauce. A bowl of food enough for three people to eat. I asked the chef to serve it spicy, just how I love it. Warm feelings of comfort clothed me while I gobbled each noodle. A refreshing mango iced-tea pushed the food down my throat. Yummy!


I craved it. I ate it.

Guilt, is what usually comes after the act. The action of doing something that in no way contributes to the wellness of your overall being in the minutes to come.

Just as I finished, I felt weighed down – as though someone had placed two sacks of potatoes on my back. I forced myself to go through my day carrying this weight. I always did, used to it.


Let’s zoom in on just a couple of the ingredients in your typical chow mein.

Processed Peanut Oil (increasing saturated fats, and heart disease).

Yellow #5 and #6 (contributing to hyperactivity, anxiety, hives and skin rashes, and asthma triggers).

“It’s like eating poison,” I explained to a friend as we talked about eating healthy.

We eat it anyway.

We eat what we want, and we say things like “just eat it in moderation,” and everything will be fine. Foods with poisonous ingredients and harmful side effects should not be consumed at all – and they definitely should not be consumed by our beautiful children.

I’ve always preached “in moderation” for many years. Just recently I said to a girlfriend, eat what you want, just be careful to not overdo it. It is easily overdone. One leads to two. Two leads to three. Next, the entire bowl is clean and ready to be refilled.

By no means should we become nutrition experts. The scientific facts are always being altered. That’s why it’s imperative to rely on our body’s reaction to food, in conjunction to what we read.

Despite our findings, we tend to eat poisonously for many reasons. Happiness. Anxiety. Guilt. Pain. Boredom. Just because. There are times we eat and are not aware of what’s being eaten.

I’ve sat in plenty of conversations and ate a serving of tortilla chips and salsa. I don’t even like the combination! I ate it anyway out of social habit.

Be motivated to taste test healthier ingredients. Not perfect! Perfection in food is hard to find in our genetically enhanced for our convenience society.

But do: eat well, feel well and live well.