Quickie / Freaky Friday: Get it On, Tonight!

Here are, 5 Legit Reasons to Have Sex Tonight

I know what you’re thinking:

I don’t need a reason to have sex. 

I know WHY I’m having sex tonight.

Sex is overrated. 

I’m too tired to get it on.

I just did it last night.

And the list goes on!

But, I wanted to quickly remind you the importance of making love tonight. And there won’t be any ifs, ands, or butts about it!

CONNECTION! Connect with your significant other and use this intimate time to express your interest and passion for them. Remind your partner exactly how much you’re attracted to them. Kiss them with your eyes open. Turn on the lights. Open the blinds… wait… that’s another topic.

EXCITEMENT! You should be excited to toss in the sheets with your boo. And, they get enough of your zest for them, said no one ever!

YOU WANT TO! Because you really, genuinely, passionately, happily, excitedly, willingly, want to – and you can’t help yourself! And you don’t have to. Indulge!

LIKE NO TOMORROW! Because tomorrow isn’t promised, and your loved one can be taken off this earth at any moment. We waste too much time as it is, focusing on situations we can’t change, or circumstances we have no control over. And sometimes, we forget the important things, like the reason we’re here on this Earth; which is to make love, be love, give love, share love. I would go as far as to say, make love like it’s the very last time, every time.

EVERYTHING CHANGES! Like time, life is always changing and shifting and so does relationships. Instead of your beau passing away, they can be in midst of leaving you for someone else, or they can become disabled tomorrow, or they can disappear off into the night, never to return to you again. Time if your resource. Make sure it’s well spent with them.

Whatever reason works for you, and encourages you to get it on with your significant other, do so! Whether that be for a baby, to express gratitude, or just because. Take advantage of all sexual moments and use it as an opportunity to set the bar. So when you’re romance is over (because relationships come to an end, eventually), you’ll be grateful you shared in those events together.

Why are you making love tonight?



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