High AF! Ways to Get High without Cannabis!

Have you ever wondered why you’re picking up bad habits that you usually wouldn’t do? Like, over eating… snacking all the time… drinking more wine… having more sex with strangers… spending countless hours on social media and minimizing productivity… complaining all the time… thinking negatively…

Could it be that you’ve turned to these vices as suppressants to cope with where you might be lacking? Or perhaps, because your mind is telling you it needs something exciting and mind blowing in order to provide balance and keep you feeling normal.

I have a friend who works full-time and travels in Los Angeles traffic day and night. In the morning she’s off to work and then picking up food for her and her family, taking classes at night, and works on her entrepreneurial plans before dozing off. Her life revolves around responsibility and bettering herself. And, when she isn’t focused on her goals, she enjoys the normal things, like an AMC movie, or eating at her favorite restaurants with family and friends.

However, in her down time, she scrolls through Instagram for reassurance – might even post a funny or motivational video or two. She wants to feel that rush. The feeling of knowing that she’s done something fun, exciting, and that others are enjoying it to. Then, it becomes a habit. The habit becomes mundane, and she then takes pleasure in snacking on her favorite snack, chocolate chip cookies, ALL THE TIME! After that burns out, she turns to alcohol with friends. Having more shots than usual – attending more events than usual. She discovers her new favorite wine, and now she has to have it all the time. Even when she’s just washing clothes at home.

A year later, she realizes that she’s put on a few pounds, has a crappy attitude, and has grown a certain bitterness towards herself. How did she get here?

Because queen, you were not allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone to try something new!

Just because it’s been said and done time and time again, doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. You want a rush? You want a change of pace or environment? Give her something to look forward to! Plan for it!

Some of us have more thrill and adventure inside of us. Sometimes it grows over time. Other times it’s been there all along, but we chose to ignore it. Whatever your case is, I want to help you let it out!

Let’s explore some mind blowing, rush-driven adventures, and tuck them in your crazy schedule!

AUDITION for something, for fun! Anything! Experience or not! Just standing up there reciting lines or singing a song takes you out your element.

MAKE LOVE to your partner in ways you’ve never tried. There are plenty of books on the market to help with this. Learn to ride in a way that keeps him cumming, no matter the position!

BE A MUSE and pose naked for a painting class. This is definitely on my list.


GO DAY CAMPING since nature talks and is always calling!

VEGAS is waiting for a solo traveler like you. Fat Tuesday’s, endless buffets, and shows are enough to keep you entertained for an entire trip!

THREE NIGHTS IN A 5-STAR RESORT should do the trick. ‘Cause you’re so worth it!

START A SECRET PODCAST and say whatever you want to say without letting anyone know who you are. You can even disguise your voice. Now you have a reason to rave about those yummy desserts or great sex!

CREATE SOMETHING TO GIFT to someone who will appreciate it.


START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL sharing ONLY the things you love. No need to talk about anything else!

SPEND A DAY MAKING SOMEONE ELSE FEEL GOOD about themselves. We all need someone like you!

TRAVEL TO ANOTHER COUNTRY that you’ve been waiting to go to all your life. Stop waiting on your friends and hop on that plane. Black Girls Travel Too will be a great option to get your started!

CREATE YOUR OWN INTERVENTION and detox from poor habits and negative self talk. Spend a weekend alone, doing all positive things.

PRODUCE AND DIRECT A FAMILY SHOW for a special holiday or spruce of Friday nights with family! And, who said it has to be perfect? No pressure zone!

SAY YES like Shonda Rhimes and spend an entire weekend saying yes to absolutely everything and everyone, no matter what it is. See where yes takes you. I dare you!

GO ON A BLIND DATE because someone is waiting to fall in love with you, and how can they do that if you’re all work and no play?

START A NEW INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT for your alter-ego, to create and display your creativity and stretch your creative power. Again, no one has to know immediately, and start small.

TAKE A ROAD TRIP and don’t just plan it! We all know some place we want to travel to, by car. There’s so much adventure waiting out on the open road!

LEARN TO DRIVE HIGH PROFILE CARS and see why people really spend hundreds of thousands dollars on them. Go fast! Or…

LEARN TO DRIVE A STICK-SHIFT to open your car options next time you purchase a vehicle. You never know when this skill when come in handy!

SPEND A DAY ON THE WATER doing water sports. From Snorkeling to Parasailing, or doing yoga on surfboards.

CONTACT YOUR FUTURE CEO and ask them how you can better your chances of becoming part of their team.

SOLVE A FAMILY MYSTERY that no one dares to attempt. Nobody keeps a secret like family members, so get to digging. Learn more about the people you call your kin!

And of course

EXERCISE and try a new class. Shake off that newbie feeling and get in there with the rest of them, even if you think you look a hot mess. Everyone deserves to look and feel their absolute best. Stop wishing on the TRX class and start wiggling those ropes hunny!

No matter what the challenge is, or the obstacle (your own self-doubt and fear) that you must overcome, remember, YOU CAN DO IT!

I am cheering you on. Get out of your head and get high into life!

What adventurous, creative, daring acts have you done recently?

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