Happy Nani!

“P*ssy tight, p*ssy clean, p*ssy fresh…” ~Shenseea

I know not a single person that treats their life better than their vagina.

As a matter of fact, if your vagina is having some issues, harbors a smell and lacks care, so does other areas of your life, like your mental and physical health.

On the contrary, if your nani is well taken care of, it’s a sign that, so are you… and great job!

For those of you needing healthy tips to care for your sacred garden, I’ve got some insight that will help you keep your yoni in check, as well as your life… because both should be on the same page.

Your hygiene is a reflection of your overall mental and physical health. It is the unvocalized feelings of yourself, and determines how others will perceive and treat you.

And the last thing you want is to walk around anyone (including yourself), smelling like fish, garlic, potato chips, or waste.

Your vagina will produce an odor (most commonly) from an unbalanced pH. Try eliminating coochie products that disrupt the natural and good bacteria, and avoid having to keep your legs closed all the time…. which is quite impossible, by the way. Some say keep it clean with cool water (since she’s a self-cleaning organism), and others say use naturally pH balanced products.

Wear health conscience pads during your menstrual cycle to avoid future vaginal dangers like Toxic Shock Syndrome, cancer and infertility to name a few. and Though you may eventually find a method that works well for you, always check with your O.B. to ensure she’s healthy and happy.

Oh, and take those panties off. I have a saying that goes, “Don’t walk around with the same vagina all day,” that’s gross. All that wetness harbors bad bacteria and can increase your chances of a B.V.and who has time for that? Let her breathe by going commando. Or, swap out your undies if you know you’ve been sweating or have been active all day.

Your vagina can be a mirror of what you eat. Eat clean, fresh fruits and veggies, and it will often taste like them. For many women, over indulging on pineapples, work. For others, grapes, kiwis and melons, do the trick. So if you want your girl to be ripe and juicy, feed your body ripe and ready foods. Not only will your skin benefit, but your brain will also receive a power boost from the natural vitamins and antioxidants.

If you’re overweight, incorporating more fruits and veggies in your diet will also increase your chances of losing weight, and will bring air and freshness to your nani.

You stink, and so does your life. You have so much going on that you have failed to put your physical (and sometimes mental) health first. You’re all over the place and haven’t decided how to prioritize yourself in your own mess. You’ve committed to taking care of family and paying bills, while your health goes neglected.  Your unorganized habits are bringing unwanted stress and weakening the body. And as a consequence, your vagina can pay the price.

Try having a heart to heart with yourself to discover what really matters to you (which should be yourself, first), and find ways to place priorities at the top of your list. Simple habits like fitting rest and relaxation in your schedule, might give you a positive perspective on what it means to care for yourself.

Do a taste test. If you’ve been making your vaginal care a priority, it will more than likely taste like it. You might taste a hint of sweetness, or saltiness, or bitterness, or  perhaps, all of the above. Try cultivating your diet until the flavor is right (I’d suggest). But if you somewhat enjoy your juices on your tongue, congratulate yourself on the fruits of your labor, and know that next time you’re indulging in an intimate moment with him, he’ll enjoy his dessert… first.

Your V is a very powerful, life giving system that needs just as much care as other areas in your life. Simple habits like regular check-ups, drinking plenty of water, and making love to it will give it the attention it needs.

What are your unique nani care tips?



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