Quickie: Make it Happen, Captain!

Never ever, EVER, let someone else tell you what you should do with your future!

I know we’ve grown up around individuals giving us instructions on how they feel we should live our lives based on their own personal experiences, decisions and hiccups.

But, you are worth so much more than that. You are worth more than a piece of paper, debt, dreams deferred, opinions, mistakes and decisions.

Your parents may have brought you in. Your friends might keep you afloat. Your boss might help put food on your table. Still, they could never tell you how far your value goes.

So take pride in yourself, knowing that you can do just about any damn thing – and let not one ignorant, self conscious, boxed in, person tell you anything different.

People (who you love and that “love you”) will try to make you fit in their little nest – compartmentalizing you and placing limits on your goals, ideas and dreams because of jealousy, envy, or the slightest bit of irritation from competition they will feel thinking that you will succeed before them, or “steal their shine.”

But let me tell you, whatever bread they’re eating, you can have a piece too. There is enough cake and ice-cream for the entire party.

And when they try to uninvite you, close the doors on you (due to their own fears)… When they try to keep you quiet, and shut down your knocking… When they try to keep you locked out the gate – withholding information that could be beneficial to your journey… When they try to act like they can’t have certain conversations with you because of your past, present, potential future or because they have the slightest idea that you will probably get ahead…

…There is a saying that, when the door closes, go through the back… DON’T DO IT! Stand your ground.

Stare that incompetent, selfish, fearful, insecure person right in the face, and let them know that if you can’t get in now, you will get in eventually – doesn’t matter if you’re ahead or behind, or have to build your own table to sit at – you’ll be there!

Your future is in Entertainment. Your future is in Publishing. Your future is in Tech. Your future is in Science. Your future is in Business Development. Your future is in Entrepreneurship. Your future is in Education. Your future is in Blogging. Your future is in Radio. Your future is in being a SAHM. Your future is in Finance. Your future is in Aviation. And WHEREVER ELSE you want your future to land.

Don’t ever let someone else tell you where you can’t go, how high you can fly, what dreams you can catch, what visions you can have, what plane you can navigate and the direction you should go.

Hold down the fort and make it happen, Captain!

What’s something someone told you (directly or indirectly) you couldn’t have or attain, and what was your reaction?

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