Worth It & Ready!

You are worth it!

I gather that you hear and read about this everywhere you turn. From social media, in books, on television shows and what not. It’s talked about so much that you may have grown desensitized toward this powerful statement.

You may even read this post and decide, I’ve heard this enough, I know that I’m enough.

When you think back to the first time you heard the words you are enough, you probably had a revelation. Awesome! But, it is not too late to have another revelation – another eye opening moment that reveals where you have been passively forcing yourself to settle for the okie-doke.

I want you to take a moment and think back to all the times, every aspect or area in your life where you decided to settle – where you decided that you couldn’t have what you wanted or needed because you weren’t good enough, or weren’t where you should be.

Think of the areas where you’ve grown to believe:

I can’t have this, because I’m not that. Or, I can’t have that, because I’m not this.

You’ve avoided and talked yourself out of an experience or opportunity because of your status – because of your mental or financial capacity in that particular moment.

Think back to the times when, just recently, you told yourself no.

I can’t buy that car, my credit score needs to be better. I can’t have a toned, fit body, I have to workout every single day, and sweat for hours. I can’t have a man like that, why would he want someone like me, I come with all this baggage. I can’t get married now, I have goals that I still need to accomplish. I can’t be in a relationship, men aren’t loyal these days. I can’t have great sex, I’m an amateur (or too shy) in bed. I’m not ready for a promotion, there’s still things I need to learn. I can’t eat healthier, it cost too much money. I can’t go on trips, they’re expensive and I can’t find the extra money. I can’t have kids, I’ve had too many abortions – I don’t deserve one. 

But, I am here to remind you, that ain’t always the case!

You don’t have to be drained (overworked from trying to be perfect), in order to be blessed.

We are living in a time where we may feel we need to always give something in order to be blessed or receive a miracle. However, I do not believe that God (or whomever your belief system falls on), wants to bless you only when you’re perfect.

Yes, it’s great to want more for yourself – to feel more accomplished, to go after the goal, and to have more to offer at the tableThat’s nice.

Still, could you imagine what we would look like walking around unperfect, not being blessed until we did something perfectly, lol. For some reason, I only see zombies, waiting for their next feed.

You don’t always have to give something, to get something. YOU DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO GIVE TO GET. You don’t always have to invest extra time, money and emotions to be blessed!

Many times, you are blessed, simply by being; being in the right place at the right time, and being open to receiving, even when you may feel it’s an unreal moment – it becomes a surprise, but it doesn’t have to even be that.

All you have to do is continue to work on yourself. Strengthen your mind. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other, and let the blessings flow. Be open right now, meaning; open your hands and affirm that; regardless of where you are in this moment, regardless of your status, regardless of who you have chosen to be right now, regardless of where your previous decisions have led you, you DESERVE that blessing too. You deserve to be blessed, right now, where you stand!

Say it loud and proud, I am ready to be blessed!

Instead of talking yourself out of sh!t, as PR/Branding boss Sakita Holley would say, use the words I CAN instead.

Yes, I can have that car. Yes, I can have children. Yes, I can get married. Yes, I can start a YouTube channel. Yes, I can be healthier. Yes, I can write a book. Yes, I can get hired and promoted. Yes, I can have a home. Yes, I can be loved by a loyal man. 

Yes, I am deserving. Yes, I am blessed. Yes, I am enough. Yes, I can.

And, leave it at that!

Straight Up:

Yes you can and yes you are! There have been plenty of times in certain areas of my life where I decided against something (and told myself NO), because I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I opted out of wearing a two piece bikini, buying a certain car, having a certain man, running from intimate relationships, writing certain words, posting certain posts, revealing certain emotions to particular people, and shied away from being promoted at work because I didn’t have a damn bachelor’s degree, even though I busted my ass just as hard. But I can’t handle telling myself no anymore – and it’s a hard habit to break, might I add. So when you see yourself, or hear yourself saying you can’t have something because you feel you aren’t ready, that’s ALL THE MORE reason to go after it – to challenge yourself and your fear into believing and feeling in every fiber of your being that, YES I CAN HAVE X, Y, and Z! (two naps and a neck roll)

So, my real question to you is, ARE YOU WORTH IT?

In what areas in your life have you been avoiding being blessed because of your status? (share in comments)

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