Quickie: Top 5 Items for Netflix & Chill / How He Packin’!

I have to admit; I DEFINITELY judge a man by what he’s packing…

He can talk a good game and brag about what he’s done and what he wishes to do. Which, they love to do whether you’re asking or not.

But, I’ve learned over time, it’s all about that action!

What can you do and provide, to show me you mean business – a pleasurable time in the bedroom?

(Because by this time you’ve studied what you like and can do it yourself and you deserve nothing less.)

Us ladies (sometimes) invest time through dating and late night conversations and then some, sometimes rearranging schedules, only to be disappointment when we enter into “The Magic Kingdom.”

Oh, but ladies, I have a tip for you…

To avoid disappointment, the next time he seems like he’s a man in the streets and a freak in the sheets, check for the receipts. When he finally invites you over for Netflix, see what’s chilling, in his refrigerator, under his bed, or in that darkest corner of his closet…. (check the orange shoe box)!

Yep! I said it!

Here are the top five items every sexual expert should always have on demand:

Oh, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


Unlike syrup, whip cream is easy to rub on, rub off, and clean up. It’s sweet and light. It’s fun and foamy. Helps you fill your mouth so you can carry it to different areas of the body. And, coolest fun fact of all, there are vegan options. My fave is the So Delicious Coco Whip, Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert Topping. And yes, it’s soooooo delicious – on or off.


I recently found out that strawberries are an aphrodisiac. This is the best reason to keep a fresh carton on the shelf (from your local farmer’s market, preferably). The bigger, the better to share with. The darker, the sweeter to taste. Drop a dollop of whip cream on top and enjoy a mouthful.


Obvi, I have an obsession with massages. They are perfect to set a mood, to slow down a mood, to get put in the mood. For the cheapest and longest lasting oil option, I enjoy Coconut Oil. It slides right on and has a subtle, fresh scent. Even better, you can taste it if you need to. There are more edible options on Amazon (of course), and yes, edible massages only please.


Just one. There should be at least ONE restraining tool locked away somewhere. I’m not saying a full on BDSM Kit is necessary for play, but when someone’s been acting right and you want to go the extra mile to please them without being interrupted, cuffs, bondages, zip-ties, or even a scarf to lock in each corner should do the trick.


Male or female, vibrating items have taken over the sexual health industry and they are here to stay. They are a staple all over the world and for any man to think they are unnecessary for him to look into having, then he’s playing himself short. Vibrators are the perfect addition for any mood –night, day, orgasm, foreplay, quickie, or theme.

I would go as far as to say, if he hasn’t at least considered keeping some form of vibrator on hand, he may not be the freak you need.

And of course, condoms are a given!

If they don’t have at least two of these items in stock, then I’m not sure if this is the right ride for you. However, if they keep all items fully stocked, then perhaps they are well experienced and fully equipped – and you, my dear, are in for a treat!


What fun, sexy items do you keep on demand for a pleasure-filled night?

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