Right Here, Right Now!

Sometimes we search too far for what’s right in front of us. And, I wish someone I knew had remembered to tell me this. 

The answers are on the wall. It is already written. Open your eyes. Be quiet and listen.

Like many, I find myself wondering about what the next everything is.

What am I wearing tonight (when it’s morning)? What car will I drive when this one breaks down? What can I purchase when my credit score improves? Where / what am I doing this weekend (and it’s only Monday)? I can’t wait until this happens or that happens – or when I accomplish that. How will my child behave when they get older? Who will look after me when I get old? I just got hired; how soon can I get promoted? What does it look like to be married again? Will I have a family of my own? When will I find love or fall in love with a man that I can trust? I can’t wait until I’ve built this habit!

And the list goes on.

I can attest that the moments you are really trying to enjoy are happening right in front of you. Underneath your nose. Right before your eyes. These seconds have the ability to run your future, but more importantly, these minutes you will NEVER get back.

Luther Vandross said, “Here and NOW.”

That is all that really matters.

You can live a beautiful life right now if you choose to. And that’s the beauty. If you decide it, more than likely it will come to pass.

I say, enjoy these moments because right now, there is still time to grow, to learn, to apply, to execute, to do something you’ve never done, to WOW yourself, to say what you need to say, to say what you want to say, to love harder, to be original, to let it all hang loose, to be wild, to let go, to be free, to set up your future, to take control of your thoughts, to visualize a better today, to laugh, to dream, to be. RIGHT NOW.

You will not always have certain opportunities in the future. But, RIGHT NOW, you will.

I am currently a single mother, completing a divorce, and learning to keep my head straight, accomplishing goals – anxious to be a bigger, better person. That sh!t is tough. And, I often ask myself, never blatantly, what’s next?

What am I going to be doing then?…

But, I should always be asking myself, what should I be doing now?

In this very moment while the skies are back and forth between clouds and sunshine or rain, while the neighbors laugh outside my window, the church bells ring, while the dogs bark in the distance and my toddler naps, and the mexican music creep into my room from wherever and who really knows…

What am I to do RIGHT NOW?

How can I make right now, better?

What should I do right now that can be taken from me tomorrow or in the next few hours?

This afternoon, I went to brunch with a family member that I hadn’t seen in ages and God know the next time I will see her again. She’s aging beautifully, and her spirit hasn’t changed. We talk, share a few laughs. Still, I’m here and there. And, what would the table have looked like if Pernisha was fully there.

In this moment, I am all that I have, I am all that matters because tomorrow morning, there will never be another like this one.

This is why you and I are so important. Our worlds are depending on us to take advantage of the time that has been alloted to us. And all we really need to do is to be ourselves fully, in this moment.

I don’t believe you HAVE TO do something amazing. But, I do believe that you can do small things consistently and be very damn good at them.

Laugh, because it’s what you do best. Speak, because others really listen. Write, because it flows from your mind. Send tiny love notes, because you’re into the people in your circle. Dance, because you’re in the zone and atlast, something can take over you and help you… just be.

It’s perfectly excellent to go hard, above and beyond for the simplest things. Simple, because to you and only you they are. Only you can do them the way you can, in this moment, right now.

If you have to overthink it, it ain’t yours. You come naturally. Be your bomb as self!

I am not saying to make the most of it. Seize the day… no, no.

But do, be, and…

don’t skip a beat.

How are you staying present in this moment, even while reading this post? (share in the comments)…

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