Quickie: 3 SUPER SEXY Habits that Contribute to Your Happiness!

I have to confess, there ain’t nothing sexier than a woman that is sexy all the time. She’s always taking care of herself, treating herself and putting herself before others. She, always finds a way to go above and beyond when she says she’s going to do something. She is admired, not just for her physical attributes, but because she takes full responsibility for her decisions.

I know this woman. She walks with pride and wisdom. She doesn’t take no for an answer (and works her way around rejection). She isn’t in the game; she is the creator of all the moving pieces in her life. She sets her faith in God and trusts that every answer from Him is for her. She seeks the truth, and she executes.

While admiring her, I observed her closely – even if at the time I didn’t agree with her ways of being. And, I was able to gather some sexy ways that keep her happy while simply just being.

Here are the the top three SUPER SEXY habits that contributes to your happiness: hint – you may have heard this before…


In every aspect of the word. Cook for yourself. Clean for yourself. Work for yourself. Lift weights for yourself (not the gram). Fall in love with yourself. Make love to yourself. Read a sexy book and take note of all the sweet moments the guy shared with the girl – then, do it for yourselfSometimes, I’d even go as far as imagining I’m making love with myself – kissing, and caressing my body in the way I’d want someone else to do it. I think of how I want to smell, feel, taste, and I learn to be her.

They say, when you know how to love yourself, only then will you be able to show someone how to love you, and fully love someone else.

Relieve yourself of the headaches and stop living for others asking them to do the things you should be doing for yourself. I believe pleasing yourself is true fulfilment and satisfaction.


This is going to sound weird af, but I just imagined me doing this and I became slightly aroused.

In the midst of pleasing yourself, talk all kinds of nasty sh!t to yourself. Yell how sexy you are, how sweet you taste, how beautiful your stretch marks are, or how the dimples on your thighs helps you grip them better. Think of positive affirmations with an intensified sexual tone:

I wanna make love to me badly right now! I want me and only me! I couldn’t imagine life without me in it!  This p*ssy is so wet! I want to cum and lick it off my fingers! I taste like candy!

Then add in your own “power words.”

I’m so passionate and powerful!  I make myself so happy! My body is amazing!

You know, all the words you’d want someone else to say during sex that make you feel loved… now you’ll know for sure if they’re meaningful because you’ll be the one saying them.

You’ve heard plenty of songs about freaking someone else – now it’s time to re-learn, and freak yaself!


I keep mentioning massages and rubbing yourself down because (not only is it my favorite act to do), but I truly believe in the power of self healing. Here’s how to do it and why:

Deep tissue rubs in the thighs reduces inflammation and cellulite. Clockwise motions on the stomach improves digestion so you can get all the toxins out and lose weight. Daily foot massages releases stress, helps you sleep better, and improves circulation. Head rubs also helps you sleep faster, releases toxins from the scalp and aids in healthier hair. Neck massages put you to sleep, reduces neck pain and stiffness. Back massages boosts immunity, relieves headaches, and helps align your spine. Ass massages relieves back tension, and improves buttock strength.

And my favorite: vaginal massages (completely outside of, from my experience only), have loosened the muscles in my pelvis area, reduced menstrual pain, jump started my period, and helped me realize how much tension is pact in such a  small area.

Products I use for massages are a back vibrator, vaginal vibrator, and coconut oil for non vaginal areas. Rub, pulse and rub your way to a less stressful, more peaceful, relaxed body.

Which sexy habits do you do that contributes to your happiness? (share in comments)




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