Quickie: Praying for the “P”

You know you want it! Yes, you do!

I surveyed my Instagram followers to see what they really wanted in a companion.

They were kind enough to share with me their top five qualities a man must have, hands-down, in order for them to have a thriving relationship.

Here are the top five qualities I’ve received: (reiterated qualities bolded)

  • Respectful. Trustworthy. Responsible.
  • Great Sex. Genuine Relationship with God.
  • Humorous. Integrity.  Effective Communication.
  • Stability. Straight. Goal Oriented.
  • Employed.Confident. Loyal.
  • Teeth. Sexually Enticing. Dependable.
  • Family Oriented.

While I would say my top five are mentally stable, health conscience, benevolent, honorable and sensual, something tells me, that’s just not enough. As I look back over myself, it’s easy for me to wonder if I possess the qualities I am seeking.

Over the past year, I have been doing everything in my power to make sure I meet the expectations and qualifications I have for someone else – including water fasting to release buried emotions, and a self-made four month intervention.

Even though it gets extremely uncomfortable and I’m forced to be vulnerable at times, I find that the more I improve and elevate myself, I attract a higher caliber of men.

I’ve grown to believe: the better I become, the better quality of man I will attract. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’ll share the same amazing qualities, but we’ll be able to influence improvement where each other lack.

Still, does being amazing get you the man you want?

There has been much conversation about wanting a man or striving for a man after you’ve obtained certain qualities. And let’s say, your cup runneth over with God-given abilities.

So, why are you still single? Or…

How are you in a relationship with a man who doesn’t meet your needs or even own the qualities you deem necessary to keep you?

There are plenty of fish in the sea, right?

Dating websites and apps are taking over the world, connecting people left and right. And, here you are, with all of your awesomeness, single or in a crappy relationship.

How did you get here?

You might actually be loving your single life. Great for you! But, for those who dare to be in an intimate and healthy relationship with a man, you may still need to check yourself.

Are you doing what it takes to receive what you desire?

The same way you ask God for that amazing job, or beautiful house, or newer car, you should go even further for him.

Seek and ye shall find. For he is on the way and you need to be blessing him before he arrives.

Which means, your prayers should sound something like,

 “God, thank you for this miraculous blessing of a man you are sending my way. Please show me and teach me what I need to do to be fruitful with him. Make me do the hard work, so that when he arrives, we will be an unstoppable and an unbreakable force to mess with. Bless me with the qualities I need for he and I to be the powerful union you have called us to be.”

 Damn, that was deep. And apparently, this is becoming a common theme…

Just recently, singer Fantasia Barrino said she fasted for the one:

“So I asked God for certain things. When I met my husband, he was fasting at the same time. So that’s how I knew. Because I told you I went through a lot of times where I was like, ‘He is the one.”

It has become simple to say, I want this and I want that in a man. But, seriously, how much effort and sacrifice are you willing to produce to attract him? Who are you willing to become?

What great lengths have you gone through to attract the companion you desire?

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  1. Thanks for the prayer! *noted* And yes, it’s very true that you start attracting better when you take care of yourself better.I haven’t gone through “great lengths” I don’t think, but I’ve been very focused on self-care lately. I want to be whole so that I can attract a whole man who is also serious about his self care. I’m going to pray that prayer and watch it come true! ❤


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