Ooh, Sh*t! Work it Out!

You’ve been wasting enough time complaining. Shhhh! Quiet!

Stop talking over and over about a situation that isn’t well within in your spirit – when you can find the necessary tools to fix it!

Going on long rants about the problem are not going to relieve the stresses that haunt you.

They say, “talk to someone you trust.”

You can trust as many people as you want, and honestly, people still won’t give a flying falafel about your problems. They have their own sh*t they’re trying to clean up or make look pretty.

They don’t always have time for you. I know you may want to be babied, or nurtured, but that isn’t their responsibility.

Instead of shitting on their day about the job you hate, try making time to solve the problem yourself.

The time you spend ranting to them, you could have Googled how to be more patient with coworkers that don’t agree with you, applied for a better job, taken a new career test, meditated on a new wonderful place of work, journaled the problem, or found a way to laugh your way to feeling better – so that you can think more clearly and handle the situation with ease.

Be the solver.

Find the solutions to your own problems and don’t think for two seconds others have the answers for you. It’s your problem, unique to your personality.

You have to pass the test.

Your best-friend can be enjoying a juicy sandwich on the beach while getting their feet rubbed. And here you are, lighting up their cell phone with sh*t that has absolutely nothing to do with them.

Are you trying to ruin someone else’s day, or make someone feel sorry for you? I tell you one thing; I’m not losing my appetite over your problems and neither should you.

Take a beat.


Think positive thoughts because they really do work. And I’m not talking about no, “I’m so happy I woke up this morning.” Think about something funny or exciting that has happened or will happen, and I guarantee your mood will shift. Something about, positive psychology or some sh*t. See it here (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/laughter-yoga-health_us_564f6217e4b0258edb3150f2).

In this moment it is not about changing your mind, but changing the next minute or hour. Short-term wins. Good habits take time, so start small. And, congratulate yourself when a problem arrives and you’ve conquered it. Even when you let the problem take over you, recognize that, and start controlling it.

Your friend and/or family loves you, and I’m sure they don’t want to see you hurting or frustrated. But, life happens. Shit happens. And it happens to all of us all of the time!

Like my boss says, sh*t happens then you die. Sh*t storms gonna come, so embrace them.

A little chant I try to remember to tell myself is, “I am the problem solver,” meaning, I can solve ALL the problems that come my way, when I’m not being lazy and texting the problem to my friend, of course.

Straight Up:

You should keep in mind that before you go crying to your “trusted source” about your problems, they might be having a rough day as well. Why spread all that negative energy. Keep it clean. Air out the mess by walking away, taking a break, reading a exciting story, watching something funny on line. Do what is required for you to keep your energy safe and clean from the bullsh*t. And remember, sh*ts temporary. Forget about tomorrow for one second and think about how you can make this moment better, regardless of how traumatizing it is.

How are you cleaning the crap and keeping your energy clean?

Other perspectives on the topic:

Elizabeth Gilbert, Shit Sandwich

Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D.

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