Quickie: Freak Him for What You Want…

What you want, boo?

From a new bag, to winning a fight, to making him feel extra special, to copin’ those carats on your ring finger, or a ten-day vacation to Barbados. Step your game up, step your life up.

Not spoken about enough, self development does involve elevating your sex life. If every other aspect of your lifestyle sucks your energy, why come home to some basic penis.

Here are a few sexy ways to get what you want from him…


Well! Ladies if you haven’t seen your lady parts shoot like a water gun, it might be time to find out why. According to some men, it’s a win win for both you and your partner. You get the pleasure of a mind-blowing orgasm, while he feels extremely proud and powerful to have gotten you there. It’s another special moment to add to the books, so why not try to find ways to help make it happen?

Professional Sucking

Can you get in down there? Whether your man has an average or well endowed Excalibur sword, slaying your sex life into existence, have you been willing to do what it takes to keep it motivated? Now ladies, just having experience is not enough. Something he probably won’t tell you is that he’s looking for you to go above and beyond what you normally do. Gobble it. Swallow it. Make love to it. Imagine: the way you scarf down Thanksgiving dinner, but better!

Candlelit Dinner for Two

He just wants you; your time, your energy, for you to be present – in lingerie his favorite color and a massage for dessert. No kids, family, friends or text messages involved. No drama, or complaining, or you talking about today or tomorrow. He just wants you. Clear your mind, and relax. Remember that he’s just as important to you and deserves just as much attention as anything and everyone else, if not more. Oh, and that food, it better be lit hunny! Snatch you some recipes here.

Do-the-Most Lingerie

See, some of ya’ll out here shopping at DD’s Discount Store for pieces that you think are going to get you what you want. But he said, it better look like Fredericks, meets Yandy, meets Naughty Girl costume, meets S&M. That Vicky-See your used to might be in everyone else’s closet, so why is it in yours? Get out of your comfort zone and keep building that flame. You slay outside – you might as well be slaying inside too, right?!

Down for Whatever

Oh, you thought you were just coming to get some Missionary Mandingo. Not today, Queen. Your man might be up for adventure. Do you find yourself avoiding sexing, or switching to your usual position to get it over with? Or maybe you don’t want to learn to slide down a pole and bounce on his… yeah, like Tyga said. If you love and trust him, why not just give him whatever he wants. Feed his desires and make sure he is feeding yours. Both attendees should go to bed fully satisfied.

I used to be that woman who swore up and down she would do anything necessary in the bedroom. After having my daughter, I always had things to do and the day would wear me down. Many times, I just wanted to go to bed, or lay up and watch a movie. Ain’t nobody got time for another mess to clean or another shower to take. I validated all of my excuses without considering the damage I was doing to my sex life. Take it from me… don’t be that girl.

What sexy favors have you performed with your boo to get what you wanted?

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