Can I Get It Raw?

August 2018 I decided to switch gears and experiment.

How would it taste?

How would it make me feel?

Would it be good for me?

Would I want some more?

Could I do it long term?

After seeing many videos of thriving seventy-eight year old Annette Larkins, I wanted to be a pro. But after twenty-three days, I decided that going raw was more future than present.

Annette Larkins

During my twenty-three days of raw living, I enjoyed both the guilty and innocent pleasures food.

I started each morning with hydrating coconut water and coconut meat. On the side, I indulged in a whole avocado and a carton of blueberries. I never felt more full and whole in my life in reference to my nutrition.

For lunch, I skipped to Peace Pies in San Diego, Ca. They prepare a variety of raw vegan foods, and are the only establishment that does it well.

I’ve enjoyed the raw quesadilla…


…The Majestic Mediterranean Wrap…

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 10.56.30 AM

… and the Bliss Burger…

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 10.58.43 AM.png

But my most prized discovery was the Mushroom Stroganoff…


If I was in the Balboa Park area, I ran into Evolution Fast Food to grab their raw chocolate shake and burger. Uh! Delicious.



For the best flavors, I had to eat out all the time. And though I was feeling amazing and losing weight, food not prepared from my kitchen became out of my budget. So, I decided to incorporate more raw foods into my lifestyle.

Here are some of the benefits I experienced while eating fully raw:

Day 1 (8/1/18): I remember when I went Vegan, I was stuck on rice, and peanut butter smoothies. This morning I had a mango and a banana, but I’m ill prepared. But, this is who I am. I jump right in and figure the shit out later. This way, I can minimize my excuses. I would have liked to be a little more prepared, but I ain’t. I will be in the near future. If worse comes to worse, I’ll just eat avocado, bananas, mangoes and nuts until I get it right. 

 Day 3 (8/3/2018): Dude. WTF! I made it to day 3. I don’t even miss eating cooked food. I crave it when I smell it, but I quickly release the idea of eating it. I definitely don’t feel tired, though I need to get some rest. They say day 3 of anything is supposed to be the toughest, but I’m feeling prepared and better than I did day 1. I’m more powerful and disciplined than I give myself credit for. So happy I’m on this journey and CANNOT wait to see where it takes me!

 Day 10 (8/10/18) OMG!

Symptoms and changes. I’ve lost some inches in my clothes – nothing drastic, nothing too noticeable. I’m looking more exotic – dimples getting deeper, cheeks rising. Also, looking more like my mom when she was younger. My stomach is never full, nor does it do weird stuff like hurt or bubble. It’s amazing how different foods affect the body physically. Ayris has been sleeping better. I wonder if it’s the increase in fruits and veggies. I’m waiting for all the mucus to disappear from my nose. I’ve noticed my sense of smell has decreased, but I think it’s increasing again, as certain scents like coffee are stronger. Also, I can taste when a fruit is passing its ripe stage.

 Day 24 (8/24/2018): Raw is on hold. That sounded like, “being healthier is on hold.” Yesterday I ate cooked foods.  I felt phlegm starting to build in my throat and my nose. I couldn’t breath as well. I must say, I didn’t get nauseous as expected, but I did wake up dehydrated. During the last two days of this raw journey, I established that medication is extremely harsh on the body and cooked foods don’t nourish your body the way raw foods do. I felt healthier internally during the process and I know that once I have more stability in my life, I will be raw again. Maybe not as raw as I hoped, but I’ll aim for 75%.

I was excited to see my daughter eating tomatoes for the first time the other day. She even stepped fully out of  her hate for avocado and bit a piece. Her palate now accepts more fruits and vegetables, and watching her eat healthier reminds of how important the raw journey really is. ”

I didn’t need a doctor or another YouTube video to tell me how eating raw foods can improve your overall being. I felt it.

And I can’t wait to feel all the spirit filling benefits again!


Do you like it raw? Like this post & share your favorite meal in the comments…

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