QUICKIE: Please Yourself, by Yourself

I can attest that men are available to help increase the chances of moisture dripping down our legs. Their masculinity and confidence is hands-down the best qualities to turn a woman on – sometimes immediately, without words.

Yea, it’s nice to have a fine something in your presence to influence you, but not dependently.

Learning to take care of your needs are essential to teaching someone else how to.

Here are several great ways to please yourself, by yourself.

Invite a Friend. I know what it sounds like. But seriously, I recently purchased this hard, black, powerful clit stimulating wand from (yours truly) Amazon. It feels amazing in my hand, and guess what, it’s WATERPROOF! It has enough settings for every mood. Do you want it hard, fast, or slow? A click or two tells it what to do and you reap the pulsating benefits.

Take a Dip. I know that sounds like the pool, but I promise its warm bubbling bath water. I’m a fan of the flickering candles – so pick up your favorite scent and light a fire. Close your eyes and listen to the drops of water patter while your body relaxes. A few breaths in, a few out, and a sip of your favorite wine. My fave white bottle is California Girl, Big Wave by South Coast Winery in Temecula, California. Smooth and a hint of sweet. Beneath the water, I remind myself of how beautiful my body is while gently caressing every area. I’d also add in some soft kisses in reachable places, just to amp up the pleasure.

Sexy Get-up. This is another fave that doesn’t get done often enough. I know finding the right piece of lingerie can be a daunting task. But, when you’ve found her, you two become one. Whether in a silky short set, or a lace thong, massage your favorite oil in all areas of your body. Go slow. Go deep. Be intentionally about making yourself feel good. It’s not a chore, it’s your most prized possession. You. So rub her better than the way you would rub someone you’re attempting to turn on.

Write a Sex Letter. This may get you in mad trouble. But, I’ll admit, it’s another fave for me. Open your laptop, journal, or pull out a piece of paper and reminisce. Write a sexually explicit letter to the one who pleased you most. Example: The way you dipped your hard tongue in my pool of wetness made me cum. You are the best at kissing this pearl. Cum do me again… Doesn’t have to be those words, but challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and say some nasty, unbelievably freaky shit. Add in the lies if that helps. Or, simply write out your fantasy – from scene to scene.

Watch a Movie. Honestly, I don’t see enough sexually explicit movies. Everyone is turning to porn. But, don’t be the 80%. Be better. The best sex is usually when two parties are emotionally connected. A recent turn on for some was, Fifty Shades of Grey. I’d suggest Secretary (the original Fifty Shades). Turn down the lights, cozy up with a glass, and chill.

How do you get turned on quickly? Please share…


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