Quickie: Ways to Love on Yourself w/o Spending Money!

Five EASY Ways to Love on Yourself without Spending Money!


Take a Bath. Lemon. Lavender. Alcohol. Rose petals. Bubbles. Your choice. Tuck away the strands or let them loose, and submerge into the warmest parts of the water. Enjoy the flicker of candles and the soft music encouraging you to relax or face your emotions. Rub the soft water against your skin and don’t be afraid to go there. Take your time and relax. No rush. You deserve it.


Rub Your Body Down – skip your regular routine of rushing and slathering moisturizer on your legs. Try sitting down and slowly massaging every ounce of your preferred oil or body-butter into your soft skin. Consider circular motions to activate blood-flow. Take it a step further and use the tips of your fingers to dig into your muscles and feel the release of tension that may have been building.  Kip it up a notch and remind your body that it is beautiful. Sounds weird at first, but you’ll learn to embrace the body which is yours.


Write Love Notes. Cut out heart shapes and write cute little love notes to store around the house. Or, put them in a basket and pull from it each morning before you leave the house or whenever you’re feeling discouraged. Remind yourself – I am love, I am beautiful, I am full of passion, I’m a great problem solver, I am needed.


Stretch. Turn on some smooth tunes, take a few deep breaths and release. Now, go deeper. Lengthen those arms. Bend down and feel the tightness in the back of your legs. Rotate your head and loosen up the kinks in your neck. Perfect your posture and let the stress that’s hiding in your muscles, go. Bye-bye baggage of the week. Hello clarity!


Go Walking. Lace those sneakers. Grab your water, your headphones, and make sure your cell phone is charged. Spend thirty minutes walking around your neighborhood listening to your favorite podcast or talking to a good friend – positive vibes only.

Be sure to share the ways you love on yourself without spending money…

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