I come FIRST! Why yes, you do!

I know it can be taboo or cliché to think or even say the words, “I come first!” But, you do.


I type these words reminding myself that my life doesn’t operate without my decisions, my knowledge, my effort and my energy. Each person, circumstance and environment that I’ve connected to is here with me, based on a decision I made or did not make.


How can I possibly make the best or even better decisions than last time if I have not consulted with myself, first. Avoid falling into the do-do-do trap and carve out time to connect with yourself. Love on you, so that when you walk into a room, other’s have an easier time connecting with you.


Now, look around you. Assess your life, the people and things in it. Focus on the circumstances and challenges that have come your way. This is the best time to take ownership, because when you think deeply and maturely, you have attracted all of it. You are responsible for where you are right now. And, there’s power in that! There’s something miraculous about being able to improve certain areas of who you are. Educating yourself on how to build healthier habits will invite improvement. But, the development, the maturity, comes from within.


Your confidence, security and happiness, does not come from the outside. It is drawn from within. How many times have you quietly told yourself, “I can do this,” and you did? How exciting that must have felt, knowing that you can pull power from yourself to overcome.


I do believe that whatever you consume will become your reality. So why not pour positivity, love, patience, peace, joy, happiness, and abundance into your mind. Eventually, your reality will become a result of who you are inside. You attract beauty, because you are beauty. Or, you have a life of happy moments because you are joyful, happy and whole inside.


Straight Up:


Drama. Fear. Hesitation. Moments of weakness. Negative energy. Empty sex. SHUT IT DOWN! Any thing or any one who is not contributing to the wholeness of your individual being, needs to go. And what I mean by that is, you control your energy levels. If your friends have nothing nice to say, or are always asking you for things, or you’re always saying yes in fear your relationship with them might get weird and uncomfortable, release it and keep your distance. If your parents don’t agree with your decisions and don’t offer much of a support system, don’t allow yourself to bring up those dreadful topics with them. If you have plans to become the next best mom on the planet and every parent around you is neglecting and ignoring their child, distance yourself. Your sexy, self preserving self don’t need those negative vibes influencing you.

There’s a bubble around you, protect it. Don’t weaken your energy and worth because you’re letting other people’s lifestyle and words question how you should feel about yourself. Keep building upon yourself first, so that you can have the confidence and intellect to redirect the opposition that will come swinging at you. You can’t control what people do, but you can control your damn self. From the tips of your toes to the ends of your hair strands. That’s all you boo. Take care of it – take care and enjoy, yourself…first.


Who are you becoming… and what are you willing release to get there?


Other perspectives on the topics:

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